Featured Small Grants

Here are some projects that Wettenhall Environment Trust has funded and consider exemplary. They are all projects under our Small Environmental Grant Scheme and the Leadership Development Grants program. Their final reports have shown:

  • an alignment to our purpose;
  • the project was well planned and executed;
  • the project has made a difference to the natural living environment;
  • the project has lead to long term outcomes that would otherwise not have occurred;
  • the project was cost effective with our money well spent.

Eastern quoll

PhD Candidate, Bronwyn Fancourt, is studying at The University of Tasmania and is focussed on the eastern quoll (Dasyurus viverrinus) which is extinct on the Australian mainland. Until recently, the Tasmanian population was considered abundant and secure, but numbers are declining rapidly. Bronwyn is looking into if the population is actually decreasing and why. Our funds helped with her research, funding the Toxoplasmosis MAT test kits. We found Bronwyn to be an outstanding researcher, communicating effectively with her volunteers and funders through regular emails and newsletters.